Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lola & Tom & Jerry

I've managed to download a collection of classic Tom & Jerry cartoons from the 1940's. These are the classics produced by Fred Quimby. Lola and I have been watching them and she absolutley loves them. Here is some footage of her laughing at one particular cartoon called 'Fraidy Cat'.

Horseplay at the Apple Garden Cafe

On Sweden national day (June 6) the family and I went for a drive out to Slöinge and went to have some lunch at the very lovely Apple Garden Cafe. While we were there we had a lovely lunch and played a few games; one of which was Sofia prettending to be a horse for Lola.

Falkenberg Day

Our lovely little town celebrated 'Falkenbergdag' on Saturday. The town was pretty busy with lots of local produce on sale and bits and pieces on display. I managed to buy some sausauges from Gudmansgården (MMmmmmmm). We also saw some Alpacas (!) and went and had a nose in the local museum. We also went to Valerna in the evening and met up with Anders, Viggo and Mira. Really nice family day out in the sun.

Lola (3 years & 3 months) and Jack (2 months)

Lola is a very good big sister to Jack and she is very, very attentive to her little brother. Phew!