Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hej då Hove

On October 26th (Sofia's birthday) we bid a fond farewell to merry old England and set off on our new Swedish adventure. Sofia origonally left Sweden on her own over 7 years ago but was now bringing back a husband and daughter! Before we flew out though we had so much to do. In a very short space of time we:
- Successfully rented out our flat
- Left our jobs
- Packed all of our worldly possessions into 10 boxes and posted them all to Falkenberg
- Tidied our flat from top to bottom
- Did some necessary DIY to the flat where we could
- Sold various bits a pieces on Ebay
- Put lots of our stuff into storage (Thank you Mum and Dad)
- Had many a farewell drink with friends and family!

We had our last big farewell with friends at our local pub the Westbourne on Saturday the 22nd. About 30 close friends turned up which was so very nice. I think I managed to say hello to everyone but didn't have time to talk properly to all (Sofia feels the same). It was a lovely evening though and was a great way to say 'see you soon'. We also had a farewell 'playdate' for Lola with all of her NCT chums earlier in the day. It was very sad to say bye to all the other mums, dads and little ones but I know we'll be keeping in contact and will see them all again soon. For now though it's all systems go in Sweden!

PS - We also recieved so many lovely farewell gifts and cards from friends and family. Thanks once again for all the effort you went to - it really means a lot to Sofia and I!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Bye bye England - Hej hej Sverige

As you all might know by now, we are moving to Sweden and Falkenberg next week!

Scary but exciting and there are a 1000 things still to do over the last few days. We promise to keep you all updated here on the blog with what is going on.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Enjoying the Indian summer

In early October England experienced a minor heat wave and we were lucky enough to have a weekend of glorious sunshine on the south coast. It reached a balmy 27 degrees in Hove and I even had one last swim in the sea for the year (quite refreshing and very nice). On the Saturday we met up with some of our friends and had a picnic on the beach. We stayed out until sunset and had a great day eating, drinking and playing with the little ones.