Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Three feet high and rising

Well not quite three feet just yet but she's getting there! At 20 months old Lola measured a mighty 86cm!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

We've bought a car!

Our little family have just bought its first car! As we're now living in Sweden we had to buy a Volvo of course - it's a well know law here that all Swedes must own a Volvo! Our Volvo is an old classic. And when I say 'old classic' I really just mean old. It's a white Volvo 740 Estate from 1987! That said she is a bit a of a beauty and we got her for the bargain price of 4,000 SEK (£400). Spend all day yesterday taking old stickers from the body work and giving her a thorough clean. I also took her for a drive - my first time drivng in ages. Lola was keen to take her for a spin too! Not sure of what to call her yet but I think it could be 'The beast´ aka ´The tank´ aka ´Moby Dick´!