Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas 2011

Lola's first Christmas in England was fantastic. It was a really busy time and it all started with some celebration in Falkenberg on the 23rd with a lovely Julbord at David and Eva's with Annette, Mattias, Vide and the three of us. Tomte came to visit us all and he spoilt Vide and Lola with some fantastic presents - both Lola and Vide were a little scared when Tomte first arrived but they slowly warmed to him! We all had a great meal after that and a few snaps!!

We then flew out to Blighty on the 24th and we quickly got out of Gatwick and to Mum's house by 12.30. Lola was then let loose onGandma and Granddad. Tracey and Michael arrived at 10.00ish and then Michael's mum Nancy joined us on Chrismas day morning. Lola was spoilt rotten by the family and has so many presents. We had a lovely roast dinner on Xmas day courtesy of my dad. Everyone ate so much as always. We also had a Danish Xmas and Sofia and I managed to do pretty well!

On the 26th we went to sunny Essex and saw all the fam! Even more pressies for Lola! So nice to see everyone. 43 of us in total!! We all enjoyed the beige buffet!

After that is was a quick shop in Kingston for Sofia and I, a visit to see Andre, Emma and 2 week old Caitlin and a visit to see Luke and Lilly at Cheryl's house at Mays Road.

Back home to Falkenberg on the 29th aftert lot's of festive cheer. Huzzah!!

Sunday, 18 December 2011


As the flat doesn´t a bath, we had to be a bit creative. So we went out and bought a huge black tub that is used for mixing concrete :-) fits perfectly in the shower and she loves it!

Our new home!

Sorry for being slow with the updates, but it has indeed been a hectic couple of months... We now live in a flat in Falkenberg overlooking the river (not a bad location at all...). So to give you an idea of the place here are a few pics.