Thursday, 12 April 2012


I love it....Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Lola's grasp of understanding Swedish and English is really coming along. She picks up words very quickly. One word that I use a lot when I read to her is 'scooch' over. This literally means to move ones buttocks over. She does exactly that when 'scooching in' close to read a book with her old man. Nice. This was largely inspired by The Simpsons episode when Christopher Walken reads Goodnight Moon.

It's potty time!

I'm sure when Lola grows up and reads some of the things we have written here she will not thank me for sharing this! But, as very proud parents, we have to tell the world that Lola had her first No.2 on the toilet on April 8th! And as there was nearly 48 hours since her last No.2 it was a doozy! There were tears in the eyes of both Lola and Sofia (she was helping Lola) as the task was completed. Another milestone reached. High 5's all round!