Thursday, 18 December 2008

Flights from Gatwick to Copenhagen

Good news on the flights everyone! EasyJet and Norwegian Air have started flying from Gatwick to Copenhagen. EasyJet comes in slightly more expensive but is probably the safer option – you never know these days… If you are flying in to Copenhagen remember that the cheap train tickets will not be available until 3 months before
If you have any questions about accommodation or need tips, please email Sofia on

We will put a map up shortly as well to show you where the church and venue etc is.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Swedish Wedding Traditions

Toast Masters/Madams
At Swedish weddings it’s common to have a Toast Master or Toast Madam. Their responsibility is to announce speeches and songs and to make sure the evening is running smoothly. The ones in charge of our big day are Jessica Törnqvist and Lina Berndtsson.

Anyone is welcome to make a speech! So if you would like to say a few words (please keep it short…) you need to contact the Toast Madams: Jessica on or Lina on

Singing and ´snapsing´

To get the party of to a good start Swedish people like to sing ´snapsvisor´during dinner and once the song is over you say ´Skål´and drink a ´snaps´.

“If you want to get the Swedes singing then open a bottle of ice-cold snaps – which is the Swedish word for Schnapps. Swedes drinks snaps flavoured with caraway, aniseed, coriander, fennel and wormwood with herring. “

SWEDEN – The Secret Files

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

We're getting married!!!

It's official - Sofia and I got engaged on August the 10th. I made her a lovely breakfast of champagne, fresh fruit and pancakes before getting down on one knee and popping the question (She was saying "yes yes yes" as the words "Will you" left my lips!)

This blog has been put together to give you access to the relevant information you'll need to get to the wedding. See below for details. If there is anything we've missed then let us know (or try and find it yourself).

We'll be updating this blog with other pictures and information as the wedding draws ever closer.