Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lola's love of food

We're very lucky that Lola will eat pretty much anything! There isn't much that she won't eat which makes it very easy for us parents. Her current favourite foods include: Tomato (Lola says: Mart), Toast (Toost), Yoghurt (Yoghurt!) and Pasta (spaghetti in particular).

She also loves drinking tea. Earl Grey is her particular favourite and she will always ask for a slurp of her Daddy's before it's all gone. I do remind her to blow it first of course.

She's not so good at sharing her food though. I always give her some of my toast but she never gives me any of hers. Bah!

Sunday, 19 February 2012


We try not to let Lola watch too much TV but there are occasions when we just have to let her. This helps to bring peace to our flat! Some of her favourite programmes include; In the Night Garden, Dora the Explorer and Camberwick Green.

Lola's favourite characters are Igglepiggle (Lola says: "Piggle, Piggle") from In the Night Garden and Windy Miller (Lola says: "Mahnamahna" - It sounds like the Muppets song!) from Camberwick Green.

Other notable favourites are Timmy Time, Me Too!, 64 Zoo Lane, Postman Pat and Tikabilla! We also really like the numer rap on cbeebies. Now we're in Sweden we like everything on Bolibompa.